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Russian girls love street style

In case you do not know what the street style is here is an easy definition to it.

Russian street style

Road chic most ladies love is a mixture of two different styles: the one that is popular with the people of the highest rank and fashion and the other one which is kind of rebellious and edgy. Therefore, Russian style is considered to be the most favorite one by the Russian girls who believe that fashion is their biggest passion.

Why so popular?

As you know for the girls it is the highest priority to be in the limelight. They strive to combine things that are generally believed to be un-combinable in order to look stunning and sexy. They will outdo themselves in an attempt to be flawless in their looks and beautiful no matter of the occasion.

That is when the “Russian street girls” trend emerged. This stylishness really does outs the Russian girls on the top of the whole fashion world. This style underlines their real essence: though being extremely feminine and gentle, they are still very rebellious and ready to take lengths to achieve their goals.

Street style characteristics

What does the real street ladies look like and whether there are any peculiarities that make this style stand out? Surely, there are. And here is a list of things that will help you better understand what the real street style is all about.

  1. Bright colors. Even though women like this style for its minimalistic approach to the fashion, this elegance determines what colors to combine in order to look minimalistic but still catchy. That is why popular street elegance designers can combine plain stripy skirts and acid-yellow blouse with a green clutch. It might seem to be too much for some of you; however, the Russian girls absolutely adore this feature.
  2. Stylish females also love wearing feminine dresses and other outfits that emphasize their femininity. This dresses include ones with floral ornament and mild colors. Furthermore, Russian street girl should also wear high heels, preferably on the single sole. Such outfits make her look very beautiful.
  3. The other important part of the flair is that it includes certain features from the vintage chic. That is when all the grandmother’s dresses and blouses become very useful. Combine that with nicely chosen accessories – and you will get a girl really standing out from the rest ones.
  4. There is no such thing as too many accessories. At least so believe the Russian street girls. They tend to choose massive amounts of accessories; however, they still try their best in choosing a perfect combination of them that will suit their occasion.

In conclusion, Russian street women are one of the most stylish and bright girls. You will fall in love with their ability to create a unique image and remain as feminine as it is only possible in it.