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Russian women stereotypes

What are the stereotypes that pop up in your head once you hear about a Russian lady? There are basically 10 basic stereotypes people believe about women, and here is what they say:

  1. The first label about a Russian woman is that she just like all the other Russians she loves vodka. The fact is that vodka was once cheaper than water, and it helped you forget all the problems. However, it is not true that all Russians like it and drink it all the time.
  2. It is commonly believed that Russian women are all about the money and looking for dying millionaire to take care of them. This is not true! Of course, there might be ladies like this, but they are an exception and not a characteristic of the whole nation.
  3. Another stereotype about females is that they are very humble and quiet. Well, it might be disappointing but this is not really true. Women usually have strong characters. However, to your joy, they mostly do love to cook!
  4. Another lie that people from outside Russia believe about girls is that they only read Pushkin, Dostoyevskiy and avoid literature from other cultures. Even though, the authors mentioned above are great, ladies are well-educated and read more than that.
  5. Among the favorite stereotypes about Russian females is that they are mostly radical Communists and miss the times of the Soviet Union. Russian women in general are just as sane as anyone else to let Soviet Union go and forget about it.
  6. Another typecast is that woman is very rude and anti-laughing. This is not true, and does not even sound realistic. Russian women are fun to be around and charming. So let’s not leave this stereotype behind.
  7. The other label about ladies is that they spend hours in front of a mirror and usually wear tons of makeup, and not just a make-up but a very bright one. Well, of course there would be women that wear massive amounts of make up on their faces, but this is not exclusively Russian thing. I believe that French or American can meet people with such a make up on the street as well. So let’s not make it a “Russian thing”.
  8. Women are also accused of being fat. Did you ever meet a picture with a woman with her hair covered with a scarf and with a total absence of a waist? That is a typical label about females. They are not all fat. Sure, our grandmas usually weight more than an average European lady of her age, but they led completely different lifestyles; so let’s not compare them.
  9. Women are also believed to be horrible drivers. Probably, true, but cannot be applied to all of them.
  10. The last typecast on our list is that ladies are never afraid of cold and usually wear those fluffy “ushankas” hast. Do not believe that!

Make sure you do not believe any of these stereotypes and introduce other people to the truth next time you hear something like this.