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Why are Russian women so beautiful?

You probably know that Russian women are believed to be beautiful, even more beautiful than the rest of the world. How did we come to this stereotype and is it really so? Well, scientists claim that it can really be true.

Living on the vast territory of Russia, a lot of Russian women spend most of their time in the cool climate. And genetics is also one of the factors that make these ladies beautiful. For more information go on this website easteubrides.com. Let’s look into greater details about that.

Scientific proof

  1. Cool climate
    It was scientifically proven that constant exposure to sun causes “photoaging” which basically is the process when the skin gets wrinkles. People get wrinkles due to the longer exposure to the sun rays. Cooler climate prevents Russian ladies from aging earlier helping them remain beautiful.
    Another factor is that genetics is one of the things that prevent this “photoaging” effect. The fact is that girls from Slavic descent have a different type of skin. Their skin usually has more fat than the skin of females from other ethnic groups. This fat protects the skin from sun light penetration, and consequently prevents aging. Therefore, genetics is another reason why Russian ladies are so beautiful!

Daily care factor

  1. Women are taught to take care of themselves from a very early age. Being raised in a patriarchy society, they tend to stick to the idea that being a woman means being flawless and unique. As foreigners that come to Russia have noticed, even teenage girls are taught to take of themselves.
    Russians themselves have numerous jokes about a husband and a wife who are getting ready for an event, and they usually run their late, as wife spends hours in front of the mirror. And it is not only true for occasions like this; girls strive to look good-looking in their everyday life as well.
    They tend not to wear things that are baggy or hide the beauty of their body. They exercise and lead an active lifestyle. And that is why they are considered attractive by at least 80 per cent of all men coming to Russia to visit or on business.

Inner beauty

  1. Finally, women are so lovely because their beauty is not only about the outside picture. They treat men in a respectful and honorable manner. They know how to be attractive personalities and interesting people to be around.
    Russian girls were raised in a patriarchy society; thus, they believe that a man is a leader and a breadwinner of a family. They will endorse his credibility instead of trying to show their feministic attitude like European women tend to do. Russian women are humble enough, and that what makes them so beautiful!

To sum up, Russian women really are gorgeous. The reasons standing behind this truth are both trustworthy and obvious. There is a lot other females can learn from Russian ones on how to be fine-looking and extremely attractive.